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At Primero, our primary environmental focus is to develop responsible mining projects where we proactively consider ways to minimize our footprint. The Environmental Management System employed at San Dimas is used to identify and reduce, eliminate or avoid the environmental impact that may be caused by the Company’s mining and processing operations. Precautionary measures are taken to avoid damage to the ecosystems wherever possible. Where adverse impacts have occurred, integrated programs are implemented to promote the recovery of the affected ecosystems.

At San Dimas, our mining, exploration and development activities are subject to the applicable Mexican laws and regulations relating to the protection of the environment, including planning for the eventual closure of the mine, and reclaiming the mining properties after mining and processing has ceased.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) in place at San Dimas is widely respected for its effectiveness in identifying and avoiding, reducing or eliminating the environmental impacts of mining and processing. Our aim at San Dimas is to meet the environmental standards of the leading gold and copper producing countries.

For many years the San Dimas operation has engaged in a voluntary self-evaluation program, to improve performance by identifying deficiencies, measuring performance and implementing improvement programs to remain in compliance with all of the relevant regulations.

As Mexican laws and regulations evolve and become more closely aligned with world standards, we at Primero are committed to remaining in compliance.

In 2011, a series of improvements were completed (which began in 2008, on the recommendation of international consultants) related to tailings management and the stability of the tailings dams. The upgraded tailings containment sites are now fully operational and comply with international regulations.