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Health & Safety

At Primero, we are committed to the safety, health, and welfare of our employees, contractors, and visitors to all of our  worksites, and our commitment extends to the residents of nearby communities. We strive to ensure an injury-free workplace through education and training, and policies and procedures that consistently promote safety. Employees are recognized for their safety awareness each month as a way to encourage safe practices.

Our Health and Safety Administration system is guided by our Central Safety Committees, which are chaired by the each mine’s General Manager and includes management, department heads, and employee representatives. The committees meet on a monthly basis and discusses safety-related issues including accident investigations, observations, prevention, and more.

A number of committees, subcommittees and working groups are dedicated to preventing accidents, including the Preventive Observations Subcommittee, which detects and reports unsafe acts or conditions, and “Prevention Circles” that discuss and seek to minimize specific dangers. The Subcommittee on Accident and Incident Investigation analyzes risks and investigates incidents that occur.

We run monthly campaigns focused on health or safety issues, such as defensive driving, safe handling of sodium cyanide and security in high altitude work. In 2011, we participated in a Self-Management Program for Safety and Health at Work, in conjunction with the Mexican Ministry of Labour. Compliance with our workplace Health and Safety regulations was measured at 93%.  

Integral Safety System & Prevention Index

The goal of the Integral Safety System is to protect the health and well being of all employees, their families, the community and the environment in which they live. The system is also used to improve health and safety in the broader San Dimas district.

The Company aims to identify and prevent sickness and work related injuries in employees and contractors. The occupational health of workers continues to be regularly monitored through the following programs:

  • Preventive programs against sickness or illness.
  • Epidemiological observation. Those employees who are exposed to special working conditions (noise, dust, hazardous chemical substances) are regularly examined. If any irregularities are observed, actions are taken to control or eliminate the risks and possible harm to the employee.
  • Biological environmental monitoring.
  • Medical examinations. Medical examinations are carried out regularly to determine and monitor the general health of employees.

San Dimas has its own hospital amenities with x-ray and ultrasound facilities, plus a surgery room and clinical lab. These services are available for all employees including contractors.

One of the main safety initiatives at San Dimas is the Prevention Index, which details the preventive actions required to reduce work risks in every operation and/or process area. The initiative has been operating for more than four years and has improved workplace conditions and assisted in promoting safety awareness in all daily routines and activities.