TSX: P 6.69 -0.16 -2.34% Volume: 324,860 April 17, 2014
NYSE: PPP 6.07 -0.17 -2.72% Volume: 340,332 April 17, 2014
Gold: 1,295.10 -7.55 -0.58% Volume: Pricing Delayed 20 Minutes April 17, 2014


Our Commitment

As we continue along our path to becoming a leading mid-tier gold producer, Primero is  committed to supporting sustainable policies and practices in mine exploration, development and operations. Corporate responsibility is embedded into our daily activities. Our goal is to continuously improve workplace health and safety, and environmental performance, and to share the benefits of mining with our local communities.

A key component of our commitment is transparent, accountable sustainability reporting. Our Board of Directors and senior management team have committed to the sustainability reporting process, and are working to improve data collection and to encourage employee engagement in all of our sustainability initiatives.

Reclaimed land for nursery.

Sustainability Policy

At Primero, we believe that sustainability is fundamental to our success. Our prosperity depends on our performance - at the corporate level and in our relation to our host communities - in the three pillars of sustainability: economic achievement, community engagement and environmental stewardship.

ECONOMIC ACHIEVEMENT: By maximizing earnings and reducing operating costs, we produce results for our shareholders while also contributing to the economic and social development of our host communities.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: We actively engage in meaningful dialogue with local residents, community leaders and organizations to identify opportunities and priorities for economic improvement, better training and social development. We support schools, health care and local infrastructure, and we continually seek development opportunities that will contribute to a self-sustaining economy in the communities surrounding our operations.

ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: At all times, we seek to operate in a responsible manner and to minimize the impact our operations may cause to the environment. We operate with an awareness of the mine’s life cycle and practice the progressive rehabilitation of areas affected by our activities.